True Mind + Body offers massage therapy.


Discover a massage that actually lasts beyond the session itself (for weeks)! Michael Falk, LMT,  expertly combines clinical massage techniques to help your body feel better, longer.


Michael B. Falk, LMT/CES

I came into this career from my own pain and dysfunction.  I have used yoga, Pilates, massage, and body-work to correct muscle imbalance and joint misalignment.  It is from my own dramatic improvements that have inspired me to share what I have learned with any body that wants to feel better.

As a clinical body-worker & corrective exercise specialist, I have developed a precise understanding on how the muscles and joints affect and interact with each other. By using a logical approach to assess soft tissue abnormalities and dysfunction, the intent of all treatments is to help restore one’s balance and fluidity. Being educated from both western and Eastern anatomical ideologies has given me an opportunity to realize an interesting perspective on where these two schools of thought agree. All treatments include a combination of various clinical techniques designed to bring positive change to the recipients tissue.

I have been certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine for personal training and corrective exercise. I am a graduate of Cortiva’s Chicago School of Massage Therapy and am currently receiving a shiatsu certification from Zen Shiatsu.