with Dayna Robbins, Stress Healer

Life is stressful. Sometimes it is manageable, and sometimes it is overwhelming.  We all feel pressure: pressure to achieve and/or provide, pressure to be amazing at what we do, pressure to look a certain way, pressure to compare to or keep up with others, and even pressure to be happy. All of this pressure adds up and we lose sleep, get into bad habits, feel stuck, and just generally feel unhappy.

I am a Stress Healer. I work to help you identify and relieve your stress and most importantly, to feel better, happier and healthier. As a healer, I combine several different modalities based on the unique needs and preferences of each person. These include:

REIKI MASTER- Reiki is a simple, safe and natural method of spiritual healing. I utilize a guided life force which flows through my hands to treat the whole body to restore balance and energy. Research shows that Reiki aids in the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression as well as relief of chronic pain. As Reiki shifts one’s energy into balance it allows the immune system to work more effectively keeping the body healthy and strong and the mind in calm and in balance.

Crystal Healer – Crystals have been used as a gentle method of holistic therapy for centuries. I utilize the unique qualities of crystals and gemstones to balance the energy in your body, home, and/or office. Crystal can aid in the reduction of anxiety, mood swings, and depression, as well aid in the healing of physical symptoms such as migraines and headaches.

Happiness Life Coach – I use life coaching as a tool for helping you obtain the future you desire. It is easy to find happiness if you eliminate the sources of frustration in your life, surround yourself with loving positive people, and find the ideal life purpose or career.

Ayurvedic Head Massage – This form of massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders and face.  It is a wonderful way to de-stress the body.  It works to balances the central nervous system, dispense toxins from tense muscles, release tension in the eyes, jaw, and sinuses, stimulate lymphatic draining, promote mental clarity, nourish the scalp and promote hair growth.