What is Yoga Therapy?

In yoga therapy, clients have an opportunity to get out of their heads and into their bodies, both to explore the issues and to learn useful skills for addressing them. Yoga therapy combines yoga with psychotherapy. Yoga principles such as breath, movement/yoga postures, mindfulness, and self-awareness are combined with cognitive behavioral strategies to address obstacles and create meaningful change.

We all get stuck: in our habits, thinking patterns, and relationships. But we can also get stuck in psychotherapy--when talking ABOUT the focus areas is no longer enough. Yoga therapy is the perfect alternative.

Who could benefit from Yoga Therapy?

Individuals of all ages who are coping with…

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Divorce
  • Life Transitions
  • Maternal Mental Health (e.g., infertility, pregnancy anxiety, postpartum depression and/or anxiety)
  • Cancer and other life-threatening/altering conditions
  • Chronic Pain

What does Yoga Therapy look like? 

Like all services at True Mind + Body,  Yoga Therapy is individualized for the unique needs and context of each client. Typically, sessions include guided mindfulness activities, yoga movement appropriate for beginners-advanced yogis, varying amounts of skills training, and discussion of real-life application and weekly actions steps/ “homework” assignments.

Stress Busters Yoga 6-Week Series for Teen Girls!

Our Stress-Busters Yoga Series is unlike any yoga class your daughter has taken before! Designed specifically for stressed-out teen girls, this series guides participants through a new theme each week so they can learn to tune-in to their bodies and connect with them in a new way. Stress Busters Yoga will help your daughter develop life-long skills for calming herself down when under pressure, being present in the moment, and meeting life's challenges with confidence. Classes are 75 minutes long, including a group discussion at the end to allow participants to connect experiences in class with their lives “off of the mat.” Beginners welcome!